• Welcome To Studio M Mastering

    Your Sound, Only Better

  • Welcome To Studio M Mastering

    Your Sound, Only Better

  • Welcome To Studio M Mastering

    Your Sound, Only Better

  • Welcome To Studio M Mastering

    Your Sound, Only Better

  • Welcome To Studio M Mastering

    Your Sound, Only Better

Affordable, No Compromise Audio Mastering

Is a Provo, Utah based affordable audio mastering studio. Offering both attended and on-line music mastering sessions.


At Studio M Mastering we utilize a hybrid approach to mastering, using amazing analog gear along with some of the best digital gear available. We take the time to listen to your music first then decide what is the best way to approach mastering your material. Helping it reach it's max potential.


Studio M Mastering is all about making your mix sound like your mix only better. We optimize for multiple deliverables from Wave files, MP3, AAC, DDP, Mastered for iTunes and more. Our Grammy nominated engineer is here to make your music sound great. Why not give us a try?

About Studio M Mastering


Flat rate per track:                                           $45

Extended mixes, instrumentals:                   $20

DDP for CD replication:                                 $30

Apple Digital Master*:                                    $20

*Studio M Mastering is a certified provider  of Apple's
digital master program

Revisions are free of charge (within reason)


This varies depending on the current workload.

But 1 or 2 songs usually turnaround in 1-3 days

and full lengths around 5-7 days.

How It Works

Step 1:

Fill out the information about your project

and submit your Mastering Order form with 

payment from either PayPal or Stripe.

Step 2:

Upload your songs via the link you receive in the 

confirmation email.

Step 3:

I will then contact you to clarify and confirm any

details, and give you a turnaround estimate.

What To Send

Send your best mixes. 

Leave some headroom & avoid clipping.

Send 24 or 32 bit files at your project sample rate.

Clearly label song files with track name and number.

Include detailed instructions and all relevant codes and metadata.

Also include what mix is your favorite and why, if submitting more

than one song.

Get Started Now
"The band all really like the excitement, clarity on the low end, the width on the mix, and boost in volume. Sounds amazing all put together."

Jordan - WaferBand

"The overall feel is exactly what the CD needed. Great low end, and a beautiful airy feel. Amazing work as usual. Another excellent job."

Ray S.- Synthesis/Q'd Up

"The mastering sounds great. The mix is exactly the same, but somehow you managed to put more excitement and punch, without changing the overall sound of the mixes. Thank you for delivering my exact vision."

Josh S - Rezolution

"Thanks again, you truly did some amazing work with our album. It was a very painless process just as you explained. "

Mark M. - Mr. Trout

"After working with you on our latest CD. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. The sound is spot on the clarity and the punch are great. Plus working with you has been very easy. Thank you."

Keith C. - P.S. Band

"After hearing your magic on my mixes I will only send my work to you from all of my clients"

Mike C. - Audio Engineer

Studio M Mastering

Our Engineer, Michael Maughan

For over 28 years, Michael Maughan has been a full time audio engineer working in Mastering, Audio Post for Film, Game Sound Design, and Record Production.
Michael has spent 23+ years of his career as a mastering engineer. Originally starting his mastering career at SuperDigital, Portland Oregon’s premier mastering studio at the time. After 4 years there it was time to go out on his own. Studio M Mastering was born from there. During Michael’s time mastering he has worked on projects from Floater, 31 Knots, Kristen Hersch, Wafer Band, Z100, KBOO, Portland Gay Mens Chorus, 2.5 White Guys, Five Fingers of Funk, and many, many more.
Tackling projects with a wide range of budgets has enabled Michael to develop and hone his skills. With more than 2700 releases over the years Michael has worked with almost every Genre.

Gear Highlights

Neve, GML, Manley, MAAG
Avid, TC Electronic, UAD, Plugin Alliance, Waves
PMC, Genelec, Tannoy

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