Some samples of our work


"The band all really like the excitement, clarity on the low end, the width on the mix, and boost in volume. Sounds amazing all put together."


"The overall feel is exactly what the CD needed. Great low end, and a beautiful airy feel. Amazing work as usual. Another excellent job."


"The mastering sounds great. The mix is exactly the same, but somehow you managed to put more excitement and punch, without changing the overall sound of the mixes. Thank you for delivering my exact vision."


"Thanks again, you truly did some amazing work with our album. It was a very painless process just as you explained. "

Mark M-
Mr Trout

"After working with you on our latest CD. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. The sound is spot on the clarity and the punch are great. Plus working with you has been very easy. Thank you."

Keith C-
PS Band

"After hearing your magic on my mixes I will only send my work to you from all of my clients"

Mike C-
Audio Engineer

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