What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the creative production process. Mastering is not meant as a complete overhaul of your mix. It is there to enhance or finalize your mix. Mastering is also a means to prepare you product for final delivery. Which could anything from CD, MP3, AAC, Wave Files, FLAC, Streaming, Vinyl, and more.
In mastering we have many tools at our disposal. From Equalization, Compression, Stereo field enhancement, Harmonics, Saturation, Limiting and more. At Studio M Mastering we utilize some of the finest tools available.
One of the reasons to have your project mastered is to have some fresh ears on your music. At Studio M Mastering one of the first things we do is listen to your music. We listen differently than you would during the mix session. In mixing you tend to be focused on the micro level. Each individual instrument, how they sound, level etc… In mastering we are doing a Macro listening. Listening for anomalies, listening for uniqueness, listening to how the mix blends, and overall balance. We also listen in comparison between each track of your project. Does the album have a cohesive sound? Is the volume to loud on this song vs another, is there enough space between tracks to help create the flow of the album. Mainly we are devising strategies to make your mixes translate with maximum impact. All this takes place before any real “Mastering Processing” happens.