Studio M Mastering

Is a Provo, Utah based affordable audio mastering studio. Offering both attended and on-line music mastering sessions.


At Studio M Mastering we utilize a hybrid approach to mastering, using amazing analog gear along with some of the best digital gear available. We take the time to listen to your music first then decide what is the best way to approach mastering your material. Helping it reach it's max potential.


Studio M Mastering is all about making your mix sound like your mix only better. We optimize for multiple deliverables from Wave files, MP3, AAC, DDP, Mastered for iTunes and more. Our Grammy nominated engineer is here to make your music sound great. Why not give us a try?
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What is Mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the creative production process. Mastering is not meant as a complete overhaul of your mix. It is there to enhance or finalize your mix. Mastering is also a means to prepare your mix or mixes for final delivery. Which could be CD, MP3, AAC, Wave Files, FLAC, Digital Streaming, Vinyl, and more. 

In mastering we utilize many tools. Equalization, Compression, Stereo Enhancement, Harmonics, Saturation, Limiting, and more. You can see many of the tools we use at Studio M Mastering on the gear page.
One of the reasons to have your project mastered is to have some fresh ears on your music. At Studio M Mastering one of the first things we do is just listen to your mix. We listen differently than you would during the mix session. In mixing you are focused on the individual instruments. In Mastering we are macro listening. Listening for anomalies, listening for uniqueness, listening to your mix and it's blend, and overall tonal balance. We are also listening to how each song flows from one to another. Do they have similarities? Mainly we are devising strategies to make your mixes translate with maximum impact. All this takes place before any actual processing is done.  
Provo, Utah. United States
(801) 885-7919
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