Michael Maughan

For over 28 years, Michael Maughan has been a full time audio engineer working in Mastering, Audio Post for Film, Game Sound Design, and Record Production.
Michael has spent 23+ years of his career as a mastering engineer. Originally starting his mastering career at SuperDigital, Portland Oregon’s premier mastering studio at the time. After 4 years there it was time to go out on his own. Studio M Mastering was born from there. During Michael’s time mastering he has worked on projects from Floater, 31 Knots, Kristen Hersch, Wafer Band, Z100, KBOO, Portland Gay Mens Chorus, 2.5 White Guys, Five Fingers of Funk, and many, many more.
Tackling projects with a wide range of budgets has enabled Michael to develop and hone his skills. With more than 2700 releases over the years Michael has worked with almost every Genre.
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Provo, Utah. United States
(801) 885-7919
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