Plugin-Alliance Neold Big Al Saturation Plugin Review

In my latest video I review the Big Al saturation plugin. I have audio examples along with my thoughts about this plugin. Overall I am very impressed with the sound and ease of use of the Big AL plugin. It really does enhance each individual instrument you put it on or the bus it is put on.

I did a Master of a few songs 3 days after installing the Neold Big Al saturator. I thought I would try it out. I did a version with it in the chain and one without. Needless to say both me and the client preferred the one with the saturation on it. I was very subtle with it, but it just did something really good for the group of songs.

As with anything you can go overboard with this plugin. But as long as you use it in moderation (when using it on multiple sources) you can achieve some great results.

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