A video review of the new Plugin Alliance Lindell 50 Series API Emulation Channel Strip. I give my thoughts, an overview of the plugin and there are some audio examples of the plugin in use.

I am a bit old school when it comes to mixing. I like mixing on a console. I tend to treat my pro tools system like a console. Having the Lindell 50 Series Plugin allows me to do just that. Have a console strip for every channel on my mix, and also have the bus master plugin on all the buses to give that overall color and sound of a console. While a real console sounds a bit different, this plugin provides an improvement over the standard DAW mix bus.

The Lindell Audio 50 Series channel strip and bus master plug-ins provide you with the console feel without having to have the actual console. With a choice of 3 separate EQ's- the 550A, 550B, and 560 graphic the tone shaping aspect of the plugin is truly top notch. It also has 2 compressor choices one similar to the 525 and the other similar to the 527. Both compressors are great. The part that takes a turn from the plugin is the gate. That is a Tobias Lindell design.

In the video I show some examples of the plugin in use. It has a great overall tone, with plenty of options to give you flexibility for use on any genre of music.

The TMT from plugin alliance is truly a smart addition. I wish it went more than channel 32 though for the larger track counts when mixing. But that is a minor gripe about the plugin.

Pros of the plugin:

  • 3 EQ choices
  • 2 Compressor types
  • TMT console emulation
  • THD for that extra variable harmonic distortion
  • Input gain and Output gain for pushing harder or not
  • Variable High Pass filter on the preamp section
  • 20 db pad on preamp

Cons of the plugin:

While I really can't very many cons and this might just be my wishlist. So take it with a grain of salt.

  • TMT only to 32 channels
  • I would like to see an extra insert for maybe having 2 EQ's on the plugin or even 2 compressors
  • A little bit more DSP heavy than the SSL 9000j plugin from Plugin Alliance
  • Processing swap. I would love to have the ability to swap dynamics and EQ order.

You can also get a free trial of the Lindell 50 series plugin by visiting the http://plugin-alliance.com website. I am not affiliated with Plugin Alliance but I use their plugins everyday and subscribe to the MEGA Bundle. They make some really good plugins for recording, mixing and mastering.

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