Breaking down the process of Music Mastering.

Today in the new video out on my YouTube channel I cover the process I take for every new project that comes into my studio, Studio M Mastering. Each song treated equally, and given the attention it deserves.

The process I take on each song or project that comes into the studio.

The Music Mastering Process.

  1. First Listen: I try and listen like the average music lover. I listen for the vibe, the focus of the song or group of songs, and what was the artist/producer/mixer trying to convey.
  2. Second Listen: On this pass I listen for potential technical problems with the mix. I am listening for frequencies that might effect the overall translation of the song.
  3. Surgical EQ: I apply a surgical EQ to work on troubled frequencies that I discovered during the second listen.
  4. Work on dynamics: At this point I add dynamics processing or not. Depends on the song or group of songs and what they need.
  5. Volume/Limiting: Then I look at whether the project needs a bit of a boost or not.
  6. Musical EQ: At this point if the project needs it, I add another eq or 2 with some minor boosts at strategic frequencies to enhance the song.
  7. Then I review the overall project and continue from there.
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